Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fisher Meets Larry, the Lollipop Man

Today was a great day for Daddy.

Doug has been begging me forever to get one thing accomplished, and today, I finally gave in.

Fisher is now officially a big boy with a big boy haircut.

We went to see Larry, the same man who did Barrett's and Doug's first haircuts.

Barrett was really excited to go see Larry because he knows that he will get a lollipop.

Since there was a wait for Larry, Barrett had his hair cut first. He was so good and everyone commented about what a great job he did sitting still. I think the sucker had a lot to do with his level of cooperation.

Larry enjoyed telling his five generation story to everyone in the barber shop while we set Fisher up for his haircut.

Fisher was in a great mood, and he loved every minute of the haircut.

He just kept looking at Larry and wanted to look at and hold the clippers.

Fisher was never even scared or upset. He just kept looking around, smiling, and sticking his tongue out. Every time he stuck his tongue out, he would spit trying to get rid of the hair that he caught. I think he was waiting for his sucker too.

He looks like such a big boy now with his haircut.

He laughed and screamed the whole way home with the help of his brother.

I am pretty sure our double haircut outing was a success because as we pulled up to the house, Barrett said, "We go get haircut again?"


Chas said...

Oh how sweet!! What a neat experience..having the same person do everyones first haircut.

Kris said...

Isn't it crazy how just a little haircut makes them looks so OLD!!!!

Anonymous said...

The kids look great. Fisher looks awesome and OLD - the college fund is not big enough for him to start A&M tomorrow. And he is getting blonder every day!!!

Love and keep the pics coming

Dad and Mary