Sunday, August 26, 2007


Barrett was just throwing a huge fit.

He was screaming and screaming at Doug as he threw himself down.

Apparently, Daddy took away his "toy".

Barrett was screaming, "I want bullets!"

How did Daddy solve it?

He said, "Either put your nose in the corner or stop the fit."

Barrett replied, "I'm done."

Question: Now, what is the best way to reinforce that bullets aren't toys?

Answer: Putting together a new shot gun in the living room with Daddy.

(It's not my logic, but that's what I get for marrying a country boy. There are no bullets in the living room for those of you who are concerned, and the new weapon will go in the arsenal, I mean safe, when it is done.)

I have so many other things to blog about, but there is no time right now. Barrett starts school Thursday, so I might actually catch up then. To remind myself, here is my "coming soon" list:

-Fisher's Baptism
-Fisher Sitting Up
-Barrett's First Starbucks
-Daddy & Barrett "Have a Talk" at Dinner
-Beating Little Brother and Other Fun Things that Pass Barrett's Time

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Party

Barrett's birthday party was lots of fun. It was so much fun that it has taken me four days to finally feel a little rested.
We had his party at Doug's parents house (thank you Nana & Paw), so Saturday started with Doug and I getting everything to their house and trying to get organized.
Doug's brother, Ray, and his girlfriend, Kristin, flew in from Phoenix late Friday, so Barrett was able to wake them up. He loved getting time with them before the party.

Barrett and Paw decided to swim in the pools after setting them up.

While Barrett took his nap, I ran to get the cake and go home to change.

When I got home, my dad was there to surprise me. He flew in for the party too. Barrett is so lucky to have so many people fly in for him!

When I returned to Nana and Paw's with the cake, Barrett was really excited. As people arrived for his party, he made them look at his cake while he pointed out each of the animals on it and the barn.

When my sister came in with is giant "pick-a-lotta" (pinata), he was really excited. However, later when it was time to beat it with a stick, he wouldn't do it. He was willing to eat the candy though. My nephew, Austin, thought the pinata was his.

Barrett's future girlfriend, Mary, was there too. It took her a while to warm up to the party atmosphere, but she ended up having lots of fun with the boys in the pool. Her daddy, on the other hand, looked exhausted. I don't know if it was from keeping up with her or from the thought of her swimming with three boys and Barrett kissing on her that really wore him out.

Just like on his actual birthday, his favorite part of the party was singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles.

Unlike last year, he was willing to get a little messy with his cake this year.
(Thanks Papa & Uncle Russell for encouraging him to do that!)
Barrett got so many great gifts, and he is still loving having all his "new toys" as he calls them.

Overall it was a great day of seeing friends and playing. When we got home that night, he said he missed his friends, so he must have had a great time too!

Thank you to everyone who made Barrett's day special!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fisher is 6 Months Old!

Fisher's little milestone day has been overshadowed by his big brother's birthday.

Fisher did accomplish something today. He can now sit up on his own, but he falls over pretty quick. If it is anything like his crawling, he'll master sitting up on his own in no time!

The only other Fisher news lately is that he has a new toy to entertain himself with.

He LOVES sticking his tongue out. Mainly he does it when I am trying to feed him, but he thinks it is so funny.

I have a feeling he's going to be a little more troublesome than his brother.

Barrett is Two!

Barrett had a wonderful day today. He had so much fun that tonight when I took him to his room to go to bed, he wanted to get straight in bed without any songs which is a first!

I decided part way through the morning to make Barrett a cake for tonight. I asked him what he wanted, and his first choice was a horse. Since I have no idea how to draw a horse with icing, I told him to pick something else.

Here's what he chose.

He loved his giant, pink pig! (I'm not sure Daddy was very proud.)

We went to dinner, and at his request, we went for Mexican. He's knew exactly what he wanted to order when the waiter came, "puff, rice, cheese, no beans."

After dinner, we came home and had cake and opened presents with Nana, Paw, and NeeNee.

Barrett LOVED us singing to him and blowing out the candles.

We ended up singing twice and relighting the candles four times. He would have done that all night if we would have let him. He'll be thrilled on Saturday at his party that he gets to do it all over again.

He got lots of cool presents. He especially liked the "letter C" pillow (that's what he called it) from Papa and Mary, the counting books from Gigi and Jim, and the V-Smile Baby from Nana and Paw.

Even though he loved them all, he definitely has a favorite. He was so excited when he pulled out his new "Big Peanut". (Both of his Peanuts are now sleeping with him.)

All day long he talked about being two. There were so many great things he said today, but my favorite was what he said when I asked, "How many years old are you now?"

He answered, "Two old."

I think I'll say, "too old," on my next birthday too.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Something's Wrong

Tomorrow, Barrett will be two years old and Fisher will be 6 months old.

That being said, what's wrong with this picture.

Here are a couple close ups of the issue.

Barrett still loves his bottle.

Fisher has discovered he likes the sippy cup.

At least one of my kids wants to use a sippy cup, right? I don't have to tell people it's the younger one. :)

Friday, August 10, 2007

He's Such a Man

After Barrett's bath, he likes for me to dry his hair with the hairdryer.

Lately, he's wanted his hair to "stick high". As I laughed at him, he told me to "take a picture". (I guess he's used to hearing me say that!)

After I took this picture of his hair, he started to laugh at himself in the mirror. He was talking about his hair being funny, but then he said, "Barrett is so cute. I kiss Barrett."

I'm sure he got this one from Doug.

It won't be long before he'll be flexing his muscles too...

The Gift

There are so many things parents hope their children inherit from various family members.

On most days, Barrett is his daddy in so many ways, and I love it. Although, I used to wonder what he was going to get from me.

Now I know.

I gave him one of my gifts, but I'm not sure it's my best quality.

He, without a doubt, has the gift of gab.

He talks ALL the time, and he wants everyone to listen to him ALL the time.

There are so many funny and sweet things he says. I keep meaning to write them down, but life just hasn't let me sit down to type lately. SO, here is a brief list of some of my recent favorites.

He crawled into bed with me the other night after being with Daddy all evening and said, "I missed you."

Every now and then out of nowhere he'll say, "I love you." (Granted, he also says it to the tv, his farm animals, the couch, grapes, etc.)

As I was getting ready the other morning, he ran into the bathroom and said, "You pretty."

When we are in traffic, he says, "We stuck twassic, geez!"

"That's my fave-root" He says this when you ask him which show he wants to watch. He follows up his selection by letting me know it is his favorite.

He called NeeNee with help from me on the speakerphone. When she answered, he said, "NeeNee come play my house?" NeeNee asked who it was, and he replied, "Bear-Wit, you come play my house now?" She said ok and came over.

"Be patient Mommy." No need to explain. Thanks Daddy for teaching him that one!

Two of my favorites have been caught on film.

The first one is what he says when I say I need to go change Fisher's poopy diaper, and yes, he's serious.

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This video is what he says when you try to talk to him or get him to do something when he has a different agenda. Once he found the fish, he was willing to talk.

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I know there are so many I am forgetting, but those are my favorites.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Isher, Come Here!

Here is a crawling lesson that Barrett was giving Fisher, aka Isher, a few weeks ago. Fisher is already a much better crawler than he was here, but I don't have that on video yet.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

We're Going Backwards

Just when things were getting easier, Fisher decided to digress.

If it was the crawling suddenly stopped, I'd really be ok with that, and his brother would be thrilled! (Barrett is not too happy about Fisher getting to his toys.)

Unfortunately, the slip in progress has to do with sleeping.

Fisher WAS sleeping through the night and occasionally getting up once.

Now, he's up two or three or FOUR times a night.


So, I'm too tired to post much. I need to rest while I can because I am sure my little mover will be up from his short nap soon. Hopefully, I'll get around to updating more soon.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


I went on a retreat this past weekend, and when I talked to Doug to check in, he informed me that both boys had diarrhea ALL weekend.

I'm not going to lie. Even though I felt bad for the boys, I laughed. It might be mean, but I thought it was funny that Doug was stuck here with the boys pooping and he couldn't dump them on someone else to watch them.

What is NOT funny is that Fisher is still pooping nonstop. He's acting fine. He eats, sleeps, and plays like always, but the diapers are disgusting!

So, I have no real updates from this week unless I was to describe some of the lovely poop incidents we've had around here, but I will spare you the details.

We are headed to Austin this weekend for a wedding, so hopefully, the poop stops by then.

I am sure I'll have stories to write after this weekend. After all, our last hotel experience with the boys was not to pleasant.