Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Here is a random assortment of requested pictures.

Fisher, one month old.

Yes, he sleeps on his tummy. My whole generation did, Barrett did, lots of kids do. I'm just one of the people that admits it. If your kids doesn't, good for you. I just know that he'll actually sleep on his tummy and doesn't startle himself awake constantly. Besides, I was reading a recent study and tummy sleep only makes it 3 times more likely the kid will die from SIDS and co-sleeping makes it 20 times greater, so really, I am safer than a lot of people. :)

Fisher, one month and one day.

Here is Fisher when I was trying to take pictures of him in the chair in my room, but his brother came running at him and grabbed his foot.

I have a feeling there will be a lot more times he'll make that face.

Lastly, here is his completed room.


Karen said...

I love the nursery! And I love the pictures--he's so cute! I was catching up with your blog though, and it made me really tired. :) I'm going to go check Jenna's economy box of diapers to make sure there are more in there...

Anonymous said...

Happy One Month Fisher


Still has the dark hair?? We all need more pics more often