Sunday, March 11, 2007

Yee Haw

On Friday, Doug's parents, Nana and Paw took Barrett to the livestock show at the rodeo. He had a great time.

He liked all the animals, but there was one thing that he apparently liked more than the bunnies.

As he was looking at the bunnies, a little girl about his size came walking up to look too. After that, Barrett was looking at her instead of the rabbits. When she walked to the other side, he followed right with her. I always knew the rodeo was a great place to pick up people!

When he was at the display where chicks are hatching, he was more engrossed in the eggs than the chicks. He would point to them and say, "broke".

He also pointed to the poop around animals and said, "mess." Nana tried to correct him that it was poop, but all he saw is a mess. He is so my son!

When they came home, he showed us what Nana and Paw bought for him.

His first cowboy hat! He is so cute in it. He wouldn't cooperate and look at the camera because he was too busy looking for a bull to ride, and he found one too...

He even wore his cowboy hat yesterday while he worked in the backyard with Daddy. He thinks he's so big! Now all we need is the wranglers and boots.

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Cindy said...

So cute! We got Nathan the exact same hat - we'll have to let them play cowboys together!