Friday, March 02, 2007

Shhh... It's a Secret

Ok, if you are someone that talks to Doug, either don't read this post or find a way to NEVER let him know what happened...

I've never been good at following any kind of rule. Anyone who knew me in junior high, high school, college... come to think of it, if you knew me pre-Doug, you know how rebellious I can be. As I have gotten older, my rebellious side doesn't come out much until yesterday.

I was given a list of rules at the hospital when I was discharged. Among them were:

1. No lifting anything heavier than the baby for 3 weeks
2. No driving for 3 weeks
3. No bath until my doctor gives me the ok (at least 3 weeks)
4. No exercise for 6 weeks (I can walk, but no worthwhile stuff)

There were others, but they were easy to abide by.

I WAS actually doing really well on my rules, but then yesterday happened.

My mom was up all night the night before with Fisher, so she was exhausted. Barrett had mother's day out at 9 am, and I wasn't about to let him miss it. So... I drove him there, but I figured I was only breaking one rule, right?

Mom and I decided to take Fisher with us when we went to get Barrett, and depending on his mood, we'd stop at Target.

We ended up going to a Target that I don't normally go to because my car was once hit in the parking lot, and I dropped a bag with pictures frames in the parking lot once breaking them all. Basically, I think the parking lot has it in for me, so I don't go there anymore.

Unfortunately, it was the only Target around that had the slide I wanted to buy for Barrett.

We headed in to Target for Fisher's first official outing. We started with one basket with Fisher in the top and Barrett sitting in the basket. After finding the slide, we realized we needed another basket, and mom went to get one.

When she came back she had the HUGE basket that two big kids can sit in. (I still don't know why she got that one!?) As Mom tried to maneuver the beast around the store to get a few other things, Barrett decided to ride with her. It didn't take long for him to jump out and run.

When we finally checked out, we were ready to just go home. (By the way, Fisher did great the whole time.)

As we walked in the parking lot pushing my basket and the beast, the wind was crazy.

We made it to the car, and mom unlocked it. We were starting to put Fisher in the car, when the wind caught his basket. Luckily, I had one hand on it. Fisher went safely into the car. I actually thought to myself that I had outsmarted the parking lot curse, stupid me.

Barrett on the other hand was supposed to stay next to his Gigi as she wrestled the slide into the car, but he took off running.

I left my basket, and ran after him. (Oops, rule #4 broken) When I caught him, he was in big trouble. I told him he is NEVER to run in a parking lot. It's not safe, you have to look for cars, stay with mommy, blah, blah, blah...

Then I noticed a basket going out of control in the parking lot. It didn't take long for me to recognize the diaper bag in it.

It was at that moment, all rules were gone. My basket was headed to a very busy highway with my wallet in it, I was holding Barrett and my mom was no where near by. So, I did what any completely sleep deprived mom would do, I ran after my basket carrying someone who is three times my weight limit. (Rule 1 broken and rule 4 REALLY broken.)

I guess I was lucky that my basket decided to turn. It ended up hitting a curb and flipping in the air. My diaper bag contents were everywhere, and I am pretty sure a diaper flew away in the wind. I picked everything up, and put what we bought back in the bags.

Barrett just kept saying, "uh-oh". So much for the don't run in a parking lot lecture.

I looked back at mom to see if she even knew what happened. She did see us, but then she started running too.

The beast cart had started flying away too, and although it was empty, it was headed towards people's cars. With the force my cart hit the curb with, I am sure the beast could have totaled a small sports car. Mom caught it pretty quick, and then she drove to pick Barrett and I up since we were really far away from the car.

We were laughing so hard, that we had to stay in the parking lot for a while. I made her swear not to tell Doug because he'd lecture me. (He's a rule follower except when it comes to hunting.)

Thankfully, Barrett can't talk well enough to tell on me yet...

When we got home, I seriously considered breaking the last of the rules and relaxing in a nice, hot bath, but Doug came home too soon.

Maybe another day...

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