Saturday, February 18, 2006

Barrett Makes a Furry Friend

Misti, one of my very best friends, came to visit Barrett and I for the weekend. She is the friend that had my dog, Rolex, when he passed away a couple of weeks ago. She was so excited to come see us because last weekend she purchased a new shih-tzu puppy she named Oz.

He is so precious and sweet. We know no puppy could ever replace Rolex, but he is definitely filling the void in Misti's heart. The best part of Oz coming to visit was watching Barrett and him interact. It was hilarious! Barrett just giggled and giggled.

Misti and I did discover that a sixth month old baby and a two month old puppy have a lot in common. Both of them are not potty trained, both wake you up in the night (Barrett is a better sleeper than Oz), they snore, they throw up, and since they are both teething, they love the same toys.

So, Barrett has had a ball playing with Oz. Oz chews on him, pulls off his socks, licks his ears, steals his toys, and takes attention away, BUT all things even out because Barrett chewed Oz's ear, stole his toys, pulled his tail, and rolled on top of him.

The best moments of all were when Oz would attack Barrett with kisses. I don't think Barrett was ever ready when Oz decided to move in for some lovin'!


Anonymous said...

Brigitte is Oz's GodMother:):)
We had so much fun this weekend!!!
-Momma Misti:)

Katie said...

Hey Mrs. Schmidt,
My mom told me about seeing you at Target I was so jelous I really want to see Barrett! I am going to my grandparents house today and I have to get ready so I will see you later!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear

Loved the pics of OZ - now Digger is jealous. However tell Barrett that his Papa has the same reaction when Digger gives kisses. Plus Brandy also loves to give really big licks.

OZ is really cute- Make me miss Einstein



QueenBee said...

awww1 I LOVE the pic of Oz kissing Barrett. Speedy loved Oz, too, he just thought he was a toy he could stomp on. Sorry! We'll get him to understand sooner or later.

Karen said...

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! That's great--getting Barrett used to dogs and getting Oz used to babies.

QueenBee said...

don't ya think it's about time for another update?