Friday, February 10, 2006

A Couple of Pics

Barrett has recently decided that there is something he likes as much as sweet potatoes.

There is nothing like a good foot to chew on.

Also, since Barrett is now getting out of the bouncy seat, I thought you might like to see the little stinker caught in the act.

I am in so much trouble when he starts crawling!

Have a great weekend!


Drea said...

To funny. Babies do the funniest things :-) Wait til he picks his nose or YOUR nose for the 1st time. Now thats funny to see ;-) although you laugh when they 1st do it... it becomes a nasty habit if they do it past 2 yrs of age. lol

Katie said...

Hey Mrs. Schmidt,
You should write a mommy book. Your stories are so funny and amusing. It would be a best seller. Sorry about Rolex. I rememver on the first day of school in 6th grade and you were telling everyone about yourself and you said that you had a dog and his name was Rolex and he is a "Watch Dog" I thought that it was really funny! Well he is in a better place now! Have fun with Barrett I hope that I can meet him one day! Don't forget about the mommy book idea!