Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Just Like Daddy

This is where most people would comment on how their baby boy laughs at toots like his daddy, puts his hand on his belly after a big meal while he lays on the couch, or how both of them just steal my heart every time they smile at me. While all of those are true, that's not how Barrett was just like Daddy today.

Doug has an amazing ability. Every Valentine's Day he manages to be sick. He's had the flu the past three Valentine's and various other illnesses all the other years I've known him. I would think he's faking just to avoid the whole Valentine's trap, but watching him dying on the couch each year is beyond his faking abilities.

So, about a week ago, Doug started taking the antibiotics that he acquired from a friend who recently went to Mexico. He was determined to break the cycle. Yesterday at lunch time, he was actually excited that he was feeling good. He was sure the Valentine's curse was over.

At 5:00, his throat started to hurt. By 9:00, he was in the tub trying to soak away the chills that were caused by his fever. He crawled into bed and suggested I sleep in the guest room so I didn't catch whatever he had. After all, one of us had to take care of Barrett, and it can't be the sick one.

Barrett went to sleep at 9:30, and I got situated in the guest room with a magazine I had been wanting to read. I stayed up late because Doug's 5 am alarm wouldn't be waking me up, and Barrett would at least sleep until 7 if not later. Around 11:30, I turned out the light and went to bed.

12:55... crying???

1:05... Definitely crying.

1:10... still crying?

At 1:15, I gave up and went to get Barrett. He was coughing, and I thought a little comforting and he's be right out. I decided to take advantage of snuggle time, and I headed to the guest room. As I walked, I felt something warm. Barrett had puked all over me. Yes, it was puke, not spit up. Then I noticed it was on the floor and the wall. He was screaming even more, and all I wanted to do was cry. I decided the clean up could wait, and I went to make him a bottle. Big mistake.

Barrett ate the whole bottle, then he threw it up all over me. He cried, coughed, and cried some more. At about 4:45, he finally passed out. He was back up at 7:00. Apparently he forgot he was up all night.

I decided that I had to call the doctor this morning because I couldn't do too many more nights like that. I left a message for a nurse to call back, and when she did, she felt Barrett needed to be seen. We were scheduled for 11:30.

A few minutes later, she called back and said they wanted me to come an hour earlier.

At 10:30, Barrett and I arrived at the pediatrician's office. While I sat in the waiting room, it started to hit me that I had only slept 3 and a half hours. Being the bad mommy I am, I was actually a little bitter at Barrett who was passed out in his carrier. I really wanted to wake him up, but I didn't.

At 11:30 they finally called for Barrett. Yes, I said 11:30, our original appointment time. I'm starting to think they make you wait on purpose. Did they realize they were actually going to be able to see us on time, so they called and asked me to come in an hour early?

The doctor checked Barrett out, and decided it was an ear infection again and a sinus infection. He prescribed a stronger antibiotic, and we were out the door in under 10 minutes. I almost asked if we could just stay longer to make the hour wait worth it. Little did I know that I would be getting them back sooner than I thought.

As I waited in Target for his prescription, I noticed a small red spot on his face. I figured he fell asleep on his pappy in the car. Then the red spot started growing and there were white dots. I asked the pharmacist about it, but she was clueless. (To be honest, it made me nervous that I trust her with our medications.) As his face got more red and puffy, I panicked more.

I called the doctor and pushed 3 for emergency. (It was to me!) The nurse came on, and after I told her, she seemed to think it was an emergency too. She put me on hold while she paged the doctor. He said to bring Barrett straight in, and he would meet me there. He was out to lunch, and honestly I love that he was inconvenienced. If I wasn't panicked, I would have taken my time and showed up an hour later.

Without boring you with the details, Barrett apparently has sensitive skin. Within minutes of seeing the doctor, he looked totally normal. The doctor's not sure what caused it, maybe the infection, maybe something else, but his face is back to normal.

So, just like Daddy, Barrett is sick for Valentine's. Next year, I'm going on vacation without them on February 13th...

Happy Valentine's Day!


Jeremy said...

Hey cousin! Gretchen told me about your blog like a week ago. I love it. Sorry I haven't given you all a call since I arrived back in Houston, things are just crazy. I graduate in the summer, so I've been trying to work out all the details to make sure I do. If I don't talk to you before the 5th, I'll see you there. Take care, and I love reading about Barrett. Sorry about Rolex. I remember the day the "skunk" was brought into your life, just like it was yesterday. I promise sometime before the end of March to make it out there to cook y'all dinner. Thing should be calmed down by then. Take care.

Karen said...

Well, I read the top post before this one. I guess he's not happy ALL the time. I'm glad he's OK though.

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