Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rolie Polie

Last night, I received a phone call I have been dreading. Rolex, my dog, passed away.

He has been living with my friend and old roommate, Misti, since Barrett was born. Rolex didn't adjust well to the new sibling, so Misti happily took him back. Even though he was 12 and a half years old, he was doing really well until recently. He had been having occasional seizures, but this week he had been back to his old perky self. Last night, he started breathing funny, so Misti held him as he died. She said the whole process only took about thirty minutes, so I am thankful that he didn't seem to suffer much.

This morning, Misti and I met at Doug's parent's house, and Doug's dad, Allen, buried him for us under a big tree by the pasture. It breaks my heart to even be writing this. So, even though this blog is usually all about Barrett, I want to take a few moments to tell my favorite Rolex memories.

Rolex was a Christmas gift when I was a sophomore in college. My grandma, Mimi, did NOT like animals. My parents actually sent her to look at dogs for me, so she went to a shih-tzu breeder near her house in Conroe. When she got there, the breeder kept showing her all the show quality puppies while this older puppy followed both women around. Mimi asked about him, and the lady said he was no good. He was a runt, and he didn't have good markings. Mimi said it didn't even take a second, and she knew that was the puppy for me. Mimi, like me, had a thing for the underdogs. (No pun intended!) When I was given Rolex that Christmas at Mimi's house, my younger cousins all thought that the critter dropped into my chair was a skunk. I was thrilled not only to have an adorable puppy, but also that Mimi let him in the house. Up until she sold the lakehouse, I think Rolex was the only dog she ever allowed in her house.

When Rolex was little, I lived in various apartments. When you live in apartment complexes that allow dogs in a college town, you NEVER walk in the grass. College students would never carry pooper scoopers! So, I would normally walk along the curb. It didn't take long for Rolex to learn from me. I had the only dog that would walk along the curb or sidewalk and not step in the grass. Even 12 years later, he still only put his front paws in the grass to pee. I was always embarrassed as his stream of pee ran down the sidewalk.

While Doug and I talked about Rolex this morning, Doug actually admitted he liked the little guy. (This was a HUGE moment for me!) Doug laughed as he recalled his all time favorite Rolex moment.

Rolex had a thing for soap. He always got into the tub and chewed it up. When Doug and I were dating, Rolex got into the tub again. When I noticed the chewed up soap pieces, I picked them up and thought nothing of it. I was just irritated that I would have to buy more soap again. Then later that night, Rolex started that awful sound dog's make before they puke. He did it a few times with no throw up, so I really figured he had some sort of cough. Then, it happened. Rolex puked up bubbles. I don't mean a few, there were bubbles everywhere. Doug was laughing so hard that he was no help. Finally Rolex finished, and I had mounds of bubbles all over my room. It was the cleanest throw up I ever had to clean up. (it's a shame Barrett's isn't like that too!- refer to yesterday's post.) Amazingly, Rolex still ate soap after that.

I could go on and on about Rolex. He was a great dog. He was able to make people happy when no one else could, he went to school every day the past 5 months with Misti and tolerated her special needs students pawing at him, he snuggled when you needed it, and he knew when to hide. He will be missed by so many people.

I hope Rolex finds Mimi in heaven. I'm sure she'll let him in her house there too!


gretchen said...

What a dog!! I know if there is any animal hanging out with Grandma C0--(I can't call her mimi) it's Rolex. I don't think I'll ever forget that Christmas.

Little Rolex with his hideous teeth is up there making a place for my not so good dog to join him soon. Maybe he can get Oreo in with grandma!!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite Rolex story is the first time he spent any time at our house. Rolex spent the entire time sleeping in Allen's recliner. (Allen didn't have dogs in the house either.) It was like Rolex "knew" and would show Allen who was boss. We will miss him too. Nana & Pa

Anonymous said...

Steve & Christi here...

Rolo will truly be missed! We'll never forget his way of...

- attempting to claim people food by snorting boogers on it (I would eat the food in front of him out of spite)

- making sure you watched while he did his "lawn business" (if he didn't leave a surprise on your carpet first)

- standing and clicking his front paws while playing (he moved faster if you gave him beer)

- gaining attention by giving his stuffed animals EXTRA attention (same thing with the beer...), and

- showing his love by putting his chin on your sholder

He inspired us to get our own little shih-tzu, Gizmo, who we in turn taught to click paws, drink beer, and show love.

I'm sure Rolo's up there doing the same. See yuh later little dude!

Brigitte said...

Steve, you're right about him giving love. There was no better hug than one from Rolex. Everyone was always amazed that he would give hugs. :)

Anonymous said...

I love you

and Rolex will always be my special buddy. Thanks for letting him help me throught some very tough times


Misti said...

Rolex... the most amazing dog ever to walk the earth!!!!!

I don't even know what to say/type as I have tears streaming down my face while I read the kind words & memories people have shared about OUR dog.

I miss him so much! After what I have been through this past year, Rolex was stuck to me like glue because he knew that I needed it. He was MY keeper... He ran the show. He just needed me to open the food packages due to the no thumb issue:)

I never got very far without him knowing right where I was or without him hot on my heels. When you think of sad puppy dog face, you picture Rolex when he actually had to stay at home. So many times that look caused me just to gather him up and take him with me to the grocery store:):)

I am so glad that I was able to hold him while he died. I know that he was not alone and that he knew that he was loved. I was able to kiss him goodbye for mom #1 & for myself, mom #2.

The dreaded phone call... I didn't want to call Brig and tell her that our dog had gone on to play in the big backyard in the sky. Life just isn't fair sometimes.

Walking through the halls of school today was horrible. There was no Rolly tap dancing behind me. I tried to prepare myself, but was unsuccessful, for the amount of hugs I would receive both from teachers and the kids. Rolex was our mascot. All the kids oooed and awwwwed over him as he stopped to let them pet him and then scurried on to catch up with me. He was part of the Oakwood Staff - he had his own id badge, school photo, & square in the yearbook on the faculty page:)

My school kids took it pretty hard. For some, Rolex was their dog. When I asked one of my students where Rolex was, he replied, "In Heaven". I asked who he was with and he replied, "with Mr. Jarrod". My heart and eyes swelled with happiness & tears. Mr. Jarrod was last years pet and mascot of my class (my fiance). The kids loved Mr. Jarrod. We lost him in September.

I can't go anywhere without thinking of Rolex. He claimed the front seat of my car no matter if someone was sitting in it or not. I have looked over to see him or to pet him so many times since he died. He would curl up on a inch of couch just to be near you. I can't believe he was always comfy. He had HIS recliner chair in my classroom that was not to be sat in by any other person. Actually, he did share the chair with one of my kids, but he had to be sitting with her. He would sit on the mats as the kids were stretches as if he were their protector. He would allow me to dress him in so many different outfits - tshirts, A&M Jersey, sweaters, halloween costumes (Batman & Superman), & his pajamas:) Poor Puppy! He led people to believe that he was STARVING and would beg for their people food... sad thing is that he was VERY successful at his job.

Rolex, I love you and miss you so much! Thank you for sticking by me through these past 5 months. I couldn't have made it without you!

Play nice and give love:):)
Momma Misti

Karen said...

Oooohhh, this breaks my heart. I'm so sorry. He sounds like the most special dog and there's definitely a special place for him up there.