Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Barrett's First Illness

For the past few days, Barrett just hasn't been himself. Up until yesterday, that is the only way I could describe what was "wrong". I can't even tell you what about him was making him seem different, but something was. Yesterday, his cute, fake cough turned into a real, wet cough. He also woke up last night in the middle of the night, and since he has slept through the night for months, I was worried about him. I decided that when the doctor's office opened at 8:00, I would call.

At 6:45, Barrett woke up and was his typical grumpy self. I went through our same morning routine of changing and getting comfy on the couch for his morning bottle. He normally sucks the whole thing down without even opening his eyes until he is about half way through it, but this morning, he took one swig, and started screaming. Eventually, he drank a couple of ounces.

Around 7:30, I was talking and playing with him on the couch, when the unexpected happened. He puked. I don't mean spit up, I mean puke. I was covered, he was covered, the couch was covered, the blanket on the couch was covered, the two pillows on the coach were covered. It was amazing the amount of fluid that flew out of such a little body. After stripping both of us and cleaning the couch, it was 8:00, time to call the doctor.

The appointment lady wanted to know his symptoms. So I told her, "He's not sleeping well, he not eating much, he congested, he's coughing, and he puked." Her reply was, "Are you sure he didn't just spit up?" I explained to her in great detail the amount of puke that flew from my son's mouth and nose all over my living room. She then said we should come in at 2:00.

Around noon, something I completely expected happened, he was fine. He ate, pooped, and started his nap. I knew when I made the appointment, he would magically be well. I really anticipated that they would say nothing was wrong, but I decided we were going anyway.

When we got to the doctor, the waiting room was full of sick kids hacking and not covering their mouths. At first I was irritated, but then Barrett starting coughing. I guess I can't complain if my kid is doing it too.

When the nurse took us back to the room, I was explaining his symptoms again. When I said he puked, she asked me if I was sure. So, again I explained the projectile soy milk incident.

Next, the doctor came in, and yes, she too asked me the symptoms. I was really tempted to ask if she could read because the nurse had just written them all down and the appointment lady probably did too, but I guess I shouldn't irritate the lady that is going to fix Barrett. So, for the third time, I give the list, and for the third time, I was asked if I was sure it was not just spitting up. I should have just worn the clothes I had on when he puked. That would have answered their questions.

I'm not sure if Barrett could sense my frustration about being doubted or if he just has great timing, but as the nurse walked in to ask the doctor a question, Barrett puked again. It wasn't quite the volume of the first time, but his distance greatly improved.

I smiled and asked, "Is that considered throwing up?"

I love my son.

After getting to move to a new room, the doctor, in a new coat (ha!), looked Barrett over. It turns out he has an ear infection. Apparently, the drainage stuff can make him sick to his stomach.

Now that we have an antibiotic, he should be back to himself soon as long as he keeps it down!


Karen said...

I'm sorry, it's not funny that Barrett is sick, but I'm laughing out loud at your post. :) I'm glad it's nothing major--sounds like he'll be back to normal in no time.

Ray said...

Where are the pics for this entry?!? Hope Barrett is feeling better.

WyldJoker said...

Ok, I agree, this was not a funny sotry but I totally understood your frustration when no one belived you knew the difference between puking and spitting up. I had to laugh as well when Barrett proved you right. And your response was a classic! I hope he's able to keep the antibiotic down. otherwise it'll be the next step of subpositories (sp) (((shudder))).