Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Is It Really Only Tuesday?

Life has been so busy! I have been helping Cindy with her new life as much as I can. I can't imagine if I was her. She will be even busier when her little girl comes home from the hospital sometime this week. I am amazed with how well she's adjusting to Speedy (Since he is a foster placement, we can't put real names on line. Speedy Gonzales describes him perfectly!) . Cindy truly is a natural mommy!

Yesterday, Barrett and I ventured to Aunt Gretchen's house to pick up a changing table for the growing family at Cindy's. (Two kiddos in diapers!!) All three of us then headed to Babies R Us and Target to update Cindy's registries. Back when I began blogging, Cindy altered my blog. So, having her registry password at my disposal seemed like an opportunity for paybacks. At Target, Cindy has registered for 4 packages of Depends adult diapers, size XL. It felt good to finally get her back!

Barrett met Speedy last night, and it was wonderful. Speedy immediately wanted to love on him. He was very sweet and gentle. Speedy also helped feed Barrett a bottle. Both boys thought it was funny when Speedy pulled the bottle out of Barrett's mouth then stuck it back in over and over again. Although, the fun had to end when Speedy decided to taste Barrett's soy milk. He didn't seem to like it because he quickly handed the bottle back to me.

Barrett has been an absolute angel this week. I know he loves Cindy because he has made it easy for me to do whatever she needs. The only problem is he will eventually realize that the entertaining boy at her house isn't leaving, so jealousy might set in.

Here is an update on Barrett's latest events:

He has officially mastered rolling. He rolls everywhere. If you put him in one spot in the living room, he'll roll until he finds something to amuse himself. Sometimes it's one of his toys and sometimes it's things I should have vacuumed up. I guess I'll have to vacuum more.

Along with the rolling talent, he can also fling himself out of his bouncy seat. He usually ends up with is head caught in the bottom of it and his feet on the ground, but he has flipped over the side. So, I now strap him in, except the one time I forgot... I was in the shower, and he was happily bouncing and chewing on a toy. He started to lean, and I said, "Where are you going silly, you're strapped in." Oops. I then saw him flip over the side. As he hung about to hit his head on the tile, I jumped out of the shower and grabbed him. He didn't hit his head, but I managed to soak the entire bathroom and hit my head on the counter.

Barrett also had a big first. He met the cows at Nana and Paw's house. Doug took him out into the pasture to meet them. It was too cute! One of the cows walked right up to him. Paw just bought her, and since she was new and liked Barrett, I decided she is now Barrett's cow. I named her Grin, as in Grin and Barrett. I'm not sure Allen will really consider her Barrett's when he sells her calves, but it would be nice for the college fund. ( Have I mentioned how much he loves you Paw???) Here is a picture of Barrett, Doug, and Grin.

Barrett's food variety has also expanded. He doesn't like rice cereal. I know it's hard to believe, but an heir to the family's rice farm empire doesn't like rice. I reluctantly switched him to oatmeal, and I convinced his daddy that his lack of interest in rice cereal did not mean he would hate regular rice. (I really hope I'm right!) Barrett's veggies have included green beans, peas and sweet potatoes. He wasn't thrilled with the green stuff, but he loves sweet potatoes! If Barrett's Paw farmed sweet potatoes instead of rice, Barrett would be in heaven! Next week we'll be adding carrots, so we'll see if it's a color thing or not.

The last of the events is my favorite. Barrett is talking like crazy. I have no idea what he is talking about, but it is so fun to listen to him. When I am driving, he's either passed out or yapping. (Yes, he gets that from me. I said it, so there is no need for those of you who comment to point that out.) Doug and I are competing to teach him Mama and Dada. I figure I have a lot more coaching time, so maybe I'll win. Besides, if he says Dada when Doug's not around, I'll never tell! :)

Speaking of talking, someone doesn't want to go to bed tonight. I guess I'll go try again to get him to sleep.


Karen said...

You've been busy! I know you're a Godsend to Cindy...between the 2 of you, you've got your hands full!

QueenBee said...

Speedy loves cousin Barrett and I'm sure he'll help you feed him anytime!