Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Bear versus Mommy

Ever since Barrett learned how to roll over, life has become more difficult. Today, my world was more of a wrestling match than motherhood.

Round One:

At 4:00 this morning, Barrett was screaming. When I got him out of bed, he was soaking wet. (That is a whole other blog about his daddy, but I won't gripe about Doug today.) After pulling the sheets off his bed, I made his bottle while Doug took him into our room. I then came in to feed him his bottle and hopefully quickly get him back to sleep. He was starving, but he wanted to roll out of my hands. I tried all kinds of weird positions, and eventually he had the whole bottle. I am pretty sure that round one goes to the Bear.

Round Two:

6:40 a.m. I felt this strange feeling on my face. When I opened my eyes, I had a close up view of Barrett. He then bit down on my nose and laughed. I tried to convince him that he wanted to sleep more, but apparently, I was wrong. I got up, and took him to change his diaper. I felt like I was actually going to hurt him trying to keep him on his back long enough to change his diaper. He is amazingly strong for such a little man. After a lenghty battle, his diaper was on. Round two seems to be a draw.

Round Three:

I was at the mall when Barrett NEEDED a diaper change. The mall I was at has no place that is decent to change a baby's diaper, so I did what any creative mom would do. I changed him in his carrier. The best part ended up being that he was strapped in. It was impossible for him to roll over. That was the fastest I have changed a diaper in a long time. Round three goes to mommy. (Although the little old lady sitting near me looked at me like I was crazy!)

Round Four:

I tagged out to Sydney, the neighbor. She was with us all afternoon, and she did a great job entertaining Barrett until she wanted him to lay down on his boppy with her. She thought she had him penned...

Then Barrett made his trademark maneuver...

After he pulled her hair, she left him alone. Round Four to Barrett.

Round Five:

After Barrett's bath tonight, Doug and I took him into his room. Doug had him on the changing table and was attempting to keep him on his back to put on his diaper. I told Doug forget it and to leave him on his stomach. I then did something that amazed my husband... I put the diaper on while he was on his tummy, then I put him in his pajamas feet and all. I was even able to zip it while he was on his stomach.

Round Five: MOMMY!

Here is a cute pic of Barrett and Sydney when they weren't wrestling!

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QueenBee said...

I think that last pic of Sydney looks just like Nella!