Saturday, March 18, 2006

Quality Time with Daddy?

Last night, I went to the rodeo with my mom, Cindy, and Misti. It was fun to get out with the girls, but it was even better because Doug was going to get quality time with Barrett.

A very wise friend pointed out that it is important for Doug to watch Barrett on his own not because he should experience "my world", but because it is important for him. He needs to know I trust him with Barrett and that he can do it on his own. So, yesterday I told Doug's two biggest helpers, My neighbor, Nella, and Doug's mom, Dorothy, to stay away because I wanted Doug to have a night alone with his son.

The rodeo was wonderful mainly because I was with three people that I love spending time with. When we got home, I noticed the bar-b-que pit was out. That was my first clue that Doug had helpers.

When I crawled in to bed, I asked Doug what he and Barrett did. To my surprise, he said, "Nella, David, Sydney, and my parents came over." So, he didn't have a little help, he had it all. I asked if he ever even held Barrett, and he laughed and said, "not really."

Did his helpers think I was kidding? I guess next time I'll have to take them with me. Eventually, Doug will be on his own with Barrett, and he'll know he can do it.

*(Helpers: I'm not really mad, but it makes for a good blog.)

Tonight Doug was trying to watch basketball, but Barrett wanted all his attention. Here's how he solved his dilemma.

On to a different subject:

I LOVE Target. More specifically, I love the dollar bins. We found these lovely ears there today, and Barrett rediscovered his tongue this afternoon. He's been sticking it out at everyone who smiles at him.

He is just so stinkin' cute!

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Karen said...

Awww, too cute. I love the picture of Barrett looking at the bluebonnet. Unfortunately, my new discovery is Pottery Barn Kids, but the dollar bin of Target it much more practical!