Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Skinning Critters & Chewing Socks

Skinning Critters

Tonight after Barrett's bath, Doug was dressing him. Doug gave up on the changing table and tried to dress him in his crib. He got his diaper on and his arms in his jammies, but couldn't get anything snapped. He then came out into the living room carrying Barrett who was wiggling like crazy.

Doug gave me this frustrated look and said, "I've skinned wild critters that were easier to hold still."

Instead of helping, I got the camera as Doug tried to finish by trapping Barrett on the couch.

Chewing Socks

Barrett has lots of toys. He could play all day switching toys every couple of minutes, and he still wouldn't run out of choices. So, which is his favorite lately?

Yes, a sock. Not just any sock. This specific white sock. He doesn't even want the partner to it. I tried to give him the clean one, but he didn't want it. He got really mad and no toy was working, so I gave the dirty sock back. He was instantly happy.

Last night when I went to bed, I had visions of him going to junior high with this baby sock in his pocket. Other kids have stuffed animals, blankies, or pacifiers, but not my boy. He has a dirty, white sock.

I let him have the dirty sock today. It's been almost a week that this white sock has been his favorite at home. (We haven't taken it places with us!)

Tonight, after he went to bed, I did a bad thing. I feel like I must confess. I put the sock in the wash. I'm feeling guilty that I might have ruined his sock, but I also am hoping I did.

Tomorrow morning, I'll give it back. We'll see if he still wants it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brigitte

At least the sock is smaller than his aunt's blanket. When he gets married it will be easier to hide from his bride on their wedding night.



Karen said...

You take the best pictures. They're always perfect! You'll have to let us know if he still wants the sock. :)