Saturday, March 04, 2006

Puppy Love

Oz's mommy is in Vegas, so he is spending the weekend with us. To say Barrett and Oz were thrilled to see each other is an understatement. When Oz first got into the house, he went straight for Barrett's plastic keys that they fought over last time. I tried to pick them up and put them away, but then Barrett was grunting and wanting them too. So, needless to say, the keys are still an issue. (You can see them under Barrett in the picture. Notice that Oz's paw is on them too!)

We put Barrett in his bouncy seat so he could watch Oz play. It didn't take Oz long to figure out Barrett can't get around like he can. Oz would grab the keys and run, and Barrett would complain because there was nothing he could do. We would take the keys, give them to Barrett, and try and distract Oz with another toy, but Oz would jump on Barrett and take the keys again. Barrett tried to roll over to avoid Oz, but Oz would still get the keys.

Eventually, we gave up on taking them, and Oz happily ran off and chewed on them uninterrupted.

In the attempts to distract Oz from the keys, we had pulled out all the toys Misti sent with him. Among the toys are these little plastic balls with bells inside that Oz claimed from Misti's cats. It turns out that Barrett likes them too.

At least we didn't have to continue the Battle of the Plastic Keys. Even though they have sharing issues, they are so happy to be back together for a weekend of fun.

( I won't comment on how I feel about the furry little non sleeper who woke me up at 3:30 this morning. I'll just say he cured me of wanting another puppy!)


Anonymous said...

That's hysterical! I especially like the puppy being used as a pillow! He's such a smart kid! - Cindy AKA "QueenBee"

Susie Buser said...

How about wanting another baby????Buser

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aunt Briggie & Unkie Dougie... I love you very much!!! I am sorry that i did't let you sleep. I have woken mom up the past 2 nights as well and she didn't want to play... I guess I need to just sleep while it is dark and play while it is light. Nahh... I am just a puppy... what do you want from me...
I really do love you and thank you for taking care of me while mommy was in Vegas. I know that she had a great time!!!
Love Oz! Your favorite God Son:)