Thursday, March 30, 2006

He's Just too Quiet

While I was getting ready this morning, Barrett was playing in his Baby Einstein Excersaucer thing. All of the sudden, it got really quiet. I panicked and ran. Here is what I saw...

I guess I didn't need to panic. Although, when he woke up, he did have some serious sleep marks on his cheek that stayed for a long time.

I did notice something else humorous. Doug commented the other day that Barrett always seems to cross his feet when he sleeps whether he is in his bouncy seat, car seat, on the floor, or on his tummy in bed. I hadn't really noticed until Doug pointed it out. Apparently, he really does almost always cross his feet. Look at them in this picture.


annoy mouse aka grammar said...

You know I get amused reading about Barrett.

Oh me my.

Hoping said...

Oh my he is cute! Thanks for your comment, I have to admit that pics of a babe sleeping never gets old! He looks so comfortable :)