Sunday, May 20, 2007


Barrett has been cracking me up today.

Today, he's obsessed with his boogers.

He woke up with a stuffed up nose, and ever since, we've been constantly nose blowing.

On the way to breakfast this morning (we go out every Sunday morning), he had me pass him a tissue at least five times. He would then blow his nose holding the tissue to his nose. After the blowing, he would inspect the outcome. Then, he would say, "Ewwww, boogies." Next, he would want me to take the dirty tissue. By the time we got to breakfast, I had a stack of dirty tissues in my lap.

Later when I picked him up from his Sunday school class, Miss Lily, his teacher, told me that he wanted to blow his nose every few minutes. She said all the helpers were giggling at him because he would blow his nose in the tissue, look at them, and then put the tissue in the trash can.

As we drove home, Barrett found something more fun to do. He told me he had boogies, so I went to hand him a tissue, but he said, "No nose Mommy, boogie finger."

He was so proud to show me the giant green booger on the tip of his finger.

I then gave him a tissue to put the boogie on. Then, he starting trying to find another boogie for the tissue. He was getting really frustrated because he couldn't find a boogie. He even tried fake sneezing to see if one came out. I don't know if I have ever laughed that much at him.

He never found another boogie, but he still held onto the tissue when we got home.

A few minutes later, I heard Fisher making odd noises as I put away the diaper bags.

When I ran into the living room, Barrett was hovering over Fisher.

When I called out his name, Barrett jumped up holding one finger in the air looking very proud.

"Fisher boogie on Barrett's finger!"

Yep, he picked his brother's nose. (Don't worry, Fisher is fine and a little less stuffy than he was earlier today.)

Barrett is down for his nap now, but when I was walking out of his room, he was saying something to his elephant stuffed animal, Peanut, about boogers. I can only assume that he was attempting to find something inside Peanut's trunk...

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