Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Teachers of the Year

Today was a sad day for us.

Today was Barrett's last day of Mother's Day Out.

Originally I thought this day would be awful because it meant the end of having some time for myself (assuming Fisher was cooperative), but it isn't the impending lack of me time that makes me sad.

I'm sad because Barrett loves school. I know he'll pass his classroom on Sunday at church and want to go in, but this time I can't say that he has to wait until Tuesday. Now, he'll have to wait until the end of August, but even then, it is still sad.

The best part of his school was his teachers, Carol and Diana.

I can honestly say they were perfect. I wouldn't change a thing they did, and trust me that's a huge statement for me to say because I am always looking for ways for things to improve especially in a school setting.

Last August, I was so scared sending this little baby boy to school. (Here he is on the first day of school.)

I had talked with Diana on the phone before school started and she assured me that even though he was the youngest and only non-walker, he was going to be fine.

It amazes me what they helped him to accomplish over one school year. He learned to walk, talk in sentences, count to ten, blow his nose, tell you when he has poopy pants, identify colors, identify a few letters, sing countless songs along with hand gestures, attempt going on the potty, and others I'm surely forgetting.

While I know they were not the only influence in helping him, they were a huge part of it.

Over the course of the year, Carol and Diana were not only close with Barrett, but they became my friends too.

I loved getting Barrett's bag packed every Tuesday and Thursday because labeling his diapers became a sort of hobby for me.

We were required to write our child's name or initials on two diapers. It didn't take long for me to decide that this could be very amusing for them when they were having to do the crappiest part of their jobs.

I ended up writing poems, notes, or just funny thoughts on his diapers instead of his name, and they loved it. Normally, they would take his diapers out to read them as soon as I dropped him off.

They were sure that when I had Fisher the notes would stop, but I managed to keep it up through the entire year, until today...

Today, Barrett's diapers simply said "B" because that is what they call him, but don't worry, they weren't disappointed.

Here is how we gave them their little note today.

I almost feel sorry for his teachers next year because I have VERY high expectations! :)


Amanda said...

This is so very true! Morgan has absolutely wonderful teachers as well and it blows me away what he learns everyday. Looks like it will be a few Mother's Day Out programs this summer for Barrett!!

GiGi said...

I am sure Carol and Diana will always remember you and Barrett. I didn't kknow about your messages on his diapers. The shirt is tooo cute. You will be a hard act for other moms to follow!!!!

karen said...

Oh my gosh, that is so sweet! Those teachers will always remember you. What a thoughtful mom you are!