Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ice Cream, Rain, & Milk

On Sunday after I returned from the high school retreat with our church, I needed to wash the writing off of my car windows. I didn't want to drive around with, "I am hott," along with various other things written on my car. (Yes, I know I misspelled hot. Apparently, that is the cool way to spell it.)

Barrett, Fisher, and I went outside to wash my car, and I needed a way to keep Barrett occupied, so I gave him one of those ice cream push up things. He was in heaven!

He constantly yelled at me to look at the ice cream on his fingers, and he wanted to clean up the mess.

Eventually, he accepted the being dirty part when I told him Elmo would clean him up when he finished. He had no idea what this meant, but he liked saying, "Elmo clean Barrett mess."
I'm not sure how much ice cream he really consumed, but the container was completely empty when he brought it to me and said, "Barrett done."

When I got Elmo out, he didn't hesitate to run at him. At first, Barrett was upset by the "rain" hitting him, but he quickly got over that.

He played with Elmo for a long time while Fisher sat in his bouncy seat smiling at his big brother.

Fisher started to fuss, so I told Barrett I was just running inside to get Fisher a bottle. When I came back out, Barrett insisted on helping by shaking the bottle.

Normally the shaking is where his help stops, but he said he wanted to give the bottle to Fisher.

Here is how that went...

Fisher didn't even seem to mind that Barrett never got any milk into his mouth. I think Barrett's laughing entertained him. In the end, Barrett went back to Elmo, and Fisher and I watched as he had his bottle.

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Mindy Bryant Lanoux said...

Your sons are so adorable! Tiffany emailed me the website for this blog and I've died laughing reading it...